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Types of eating disorders – an outline

Here’s an outline of some of the eating disorders around. Causes are complex, but all can be helped with diet. Do I work with people …
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How to stay away from the doctor

Here’s my latest Jersey Evening Post article – on how to stay away from the doctor (and save money):
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Sugar by any other name

Sugar by any other name Sugar naturally appears in fruit (as glucose and fructose) and milk (as maltose) and in starches (once digested, as glucose)....
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Legal drugs – alcohol

Legal drugs - alcohol We’ve looked at the legal drugs caffeine and nicotine; today we’ll look at alcohol. There are many aspects to this, so...
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Bullying what and why

Bullying: what & why? What is bullying? Bullying is repeated, unwanted, overtly or subtly aggressive behaviour used to physically or mentally control or harm others....
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Being Okay

Being Okay My column in today's JEP looks at mental health provision and a few simple things to do if you're 'not OK'. Would you...
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Helping anxiety and depression in children with diet

Can a bad diet cause anxiety? Can a good diet help alleviate anxiety? My article in the Jersey Evening Post looked at how on how …
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RTT for anxiety and stress

Do you feel anxious more than you'd like to? During my years using as a Rapid Transformational Therapist (using Rapid Transformational Therpy), I have seen...
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Coping with anxiety

My article in the JEP; summary: here are some tips to help you with anxiety. I’m writing this on Monday morning: going by the speed...
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Alleviating anxiety

Alleviating anxiety If you find you keeping having the same, looping conversation, feel as if you’re in ‘two minds’ or are anxious without a discernible...
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