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Bullying what and why

Bullying: what & why? What is bullying? Bullying is repeated, unwanted, overtly or subtly aggressive behaviour used to physically or mentally control or harm others....
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anxiety what it is and what to do

Anxiety: what it is & what to do How are you feeling? Okay, or maybe anxious? Maybe you know someone who’s feeling anxious? This week...
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How to drink less

How to drink less This was written near the end of 'Sober October'. What’s your tipple? The two-headed beast known as alcohol has the friendly...
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Being Okay

Being Okay My column in today's JEP looks at mental health provision and a few simple things to do if you're 'not OK'. Would you...
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Legal drugs – sugar

Legal drugs - sugar We’ve looked at the legal drugs caffeine, nicotine and alcohol; today we’ll look at highly processed ready-meals and snacks or ’junk...
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Legal drugs – alcohol

Legal drugs - alcohol We’ve looked at the legal drugs caffeine and nicotine; today we’ll look at alcohol. There are many aspects to this, so...
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Legal drugs – nicotine

Legal drugs - nicotine (and why do we smoke pesticides?) If you were handed a pesticide to inhale, would you take it? Are you sure?...
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Legal drugs – caffeine

Legal drugs - caffeine Billions of people worldwide use three legal, widely available, psychoactive drugs daily; do you? The drugs in question are caffeine, nicotine...
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Root Causes of Addictions

Addictions: root causes ADDICTIONS: My column in today's Jersey Evening Post (part 1 of 2) is what lies behind addictions, no matter what they are...
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Alleviating anxiety

Alleviating anxiety If you find you keeping having the same, looping conversation, feel as if you’re in ‘two minds’ or are anxious without a discernible...
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