What is BlockBuster Therapy?

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BlockBuster Therapy (BBT) is a new and innovative therapy developed by successful therapist Jacqui Carrel. It has been designed to get to the nub of an issue that is holding you back and to release you from it – all in one session.

Put simply, issues occur when you have a ‘block’ or ‘blocks’ around something.
– These blocks are your mind’s way of protecting you against one or more painful or traumatic memories
– They may have been helpful at the time, but years later they are not
– Blocks need to be identified and dealt with, otherwise your issue stays with you

BlockBuster Therapy aims to rid you of the emotional blocks that are holding you back. Some people have multiple blocks, which may need to be dealt with in separate sessions. Sessions take up to 90 minutes each.

Where do blocks occur?

Blocks can appear around:
– Mental health: anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, poor relationships
– Physical health: yo-yo weight loss and gain, fatigue, chronic conditions, muscle pain, diabetes*
– Business: ‘imposter syndrome’, cash flow, being visible
These blocks can be removed with BlockBuster Therapy.

*NOTE: Physical health blocks can sometimes be better dealt with through my RTT Package – ask for details.)

How do I book a session with Jacqui Carrel?

Go to my payment and booking page.
Once payment has been made, you can book in a session time that’s convenient for you; choose the ‘BlockBuster Therapy’ option.
You will also be sent an intake form, which needs to be completed and sent before the session.

How do I make a query?

You can:
– Contact me via a secure online form – use for general enquiries
– Book a free, 20-minute Discovery Call – use if you want to talk more about what BBT entails

BBT intake and consent form.

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