Beyond The Rainbow healing

Don’t have much time? Can’t get to me? Don’t want to do sessions online?
Then how about asking for Beyond The Rainbow (BTR) distance healing?

This unique healing method works wherever you are in the world and it can even be done when you are asleep! Simply let me know your full birth name (or your first name and a photo of you) and my healing will reach you. 🙂

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Make sure you read these FAQs!

What is Beyond the Rainbow (BTR) healing?
BTR is a unique and effective form of distance healing devised by Jacqui Carrel. It is called ‘beyond the rainbow’ because it uses wavelengths that are beyond the colours in a rainbow – that is, it uses frequencies that aren’t visible to the human eye.

How many problems do you heal in one session?
One – so please be very specific about the problem (the thing you want healing).

What’s the procedure?
There are three simple steps:
– You settle your account in advance through my BTR secure payment page
– You’ll then get taken to a new page where you fill in a few details
– I do the healing during my working hours
– I email you to let you know it has been done (though you will have already felt an effect!)

Will BTR heal me instantly?
Yes and no: the healing will start as soon as it’s been received but bear in mind:
– Some emotional issues can clear straight away
– Some emotional issues start clearing immediately but can take a few days to three weeks to totally shift
– Physical issues start healing straight away but, as you know, cells need time to renew. You will notice a gradual improvement each day.

Does BTR heal everything?
No. If you have a block, it will keep coming back in some form. For example:
– I may heal your inflamed Achilles tendon (the physical part)
– BUT if the injury is a not just a random strain but the result of a block (the emotional part) around you exercising
… THEN that or other injuries will keep manifesting. In this case, you will need BlockBuster Therapy to remove the block.

Can someone ask for BTR healing on my behalf?
Even if you want the healing, BTR will only work on you – and you must ask for the healing, not someone else.

Can I ask for someone else to receive BTR?
You can, but you will be wasting your time and money as it will not work; they must request the healing.

Do I need to believe in God or anything else for this to work..?
You don’t have to believe in distance healing, any god or religious icon, or any leader or spirituality to benefit from Beyond The Rainbow healing.

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