Alleviating anxiety

If you find you keeping having the same, looping conversation, feel as if you’re in ‘two minds’ or are anxious without a discernible cause, this can be because you have a contradiction going on inside you. Your mind always wants to do what you desire, so cannot cope well with the conflict! For example, say …

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Diet for PMS

Soroptomist International Jersey have launched their ‘No More Taboo Period’ campaign (details at the end) and have asked me to give some simple dietary advice on making ‘that week’ of each month somewhat better. This means today’s column about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) might be uncomfortable reading for some, but it does apply to all: you …

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Smelly farts?

Do you have smelly farts or ‘non-purfumed’ delights? That’s the subject of my column in today’s Jersey Evening Post 🙂 Sorry to be rude, but do your farts smell? Do you try to blame the dog? Farting is natural, but your farts can give you a clue as to what’s going on in your gut. …

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Health effects of social isolation

This is an article I wrote for the JEP on the effects of isolation on health: sadly, it’s still ongoing. The subject of health is in the world and Jersey news a lot at the moment, and this is an aspect of it that must be considered by the States.

Fatty Acids [Glossary]

Fats are made from fatty acids (FAs); generally they are put into three major groups, but each group has many different types of that type with it. The main groups are saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids; here more about the FAs in each one.

Nutrients good for thyroid health

Which foods can be especially beneficial for the thyroid gland? Many people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions have certain vitamin, mineral, fatty acid and amino acid deficiencies, so it makes sense that a diet with adequate micronutrients, lipids and proteins would be helpful, as would a diet low in refined carbohydrates[1].

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