When a person gets rid of a fear, phobia, anxiety or illness, sometimes they are not sure how to proceed with their new-found freedom, and this is where coaching comes in. I offer coaching packages to a few individuals; if you would like this, you must be fully committed to your brilliant outcome.

Similarly, the psychological blocks that were in the way of weight loss/gain may be removed, but if the person carries on eating badly (because they don’t know what to do), then coaching is very helpful.

RTT and TFT can be used as stand-alone treatments, but I offer coaching packages too. For example, you may have:

  • WEEK 1: Introductory discovery session, with some coaching/to-do’s
  • WEEK 2: RTT
  • WEEK 4: Follow-up RTT if necessary, or coaching
  • WEEK 6: Coaching

Coaching can be for business purposes or weight loss, for example.

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