Christmas 2019

Hi, the printer has broken at an inopportune moment, so here’s our catchup 🙂

First, wishing a very good Christmas to you!

On the one hand, the year seems to have sped past and, on the other, much has been packed in.

I added something called RTT (rapid transformational therapy) to my business life; I only wish I had discovered it before! Most of the course was online, and then there was a wee’s live training in London in June – it was exhausting but amazing. Have a look around this website to get an idea of what it’s about.

Otherwise I carry on walking every day (where I can – the wettest autumn for 90 years has not helped), taking photos, and singing with the Hot Bananas choir/singing group. I’m just starting to write a couple of courses and will be a guest speaker at a local business event in January.

Roy went to Scotland with my brother and three other friends, where they cycled 1,000km over mountains and between distillaries for two weeks – by all accounts, a great time was had by all, though I was glad I wasn’t part of that particular adventure! He’s also working on updating his cycling book to include more info.

We’ve managed to see Francine and her hubby Jack a few times this year – I find it hard, however, to get my head around the fact my beautiful daughter is now 28, which means …. well, all sorts, including me NOT being 46 any longer!

Jack carries on dividing his time (interestingly to me anyway) between managing a pub and tree planting and farm maintenance. Francine balances work with yoga and their gorgeous Bodegero dog, Dia. Work is her new freelance business writing copy (business, web, etc) and now has added building websites (including this one – do have a look around), and I am very proud of her.

I’m also so proud of Charles (Charlie), who continues to shine in the world of poker with most of monies earned being fed into his charitable work. Here’s his YouTube Channel: We hope to have him here over Christmas, so I can’t wait!

Getting everyone together at once is never easy – Francine’s wedding was the last time -and when I was in London in June I got to see both Francine and Charles at the same time – times like that I hold in my heart forever.

Mum/Jean/Gigi has had a bad time with her health, including various operations for skin cancer but the end is nearly in sight for all that and we look forward to her continuing recovery and increasing strength.

Of course, that has not prevented her from doing many things, including some travel – though she finally retired a few months ago… and instead said she would go into work on an ad hocq basis as a volunteer. That’s my Mum!

Richard, Mum’s partner, carries on going to the gym (puts me to shame!) and running his antique clock restoration business.

All the best for the New Year and 2020

Jacqui & Roy

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