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Prices vary according to the package; click the links (latest prices on those pages) or contact me for a quote:

Prices for groups vary with size of group, location, session length, resources, follow-ups and more, so please contact me for a quote.

  • Group coaching and RTT (online and live, or a mix)
  • Courses (online and live, or a mix)
  • Corporate training
  • Workshops

…and more.

Contact me for a no-obligation chat so we can decide what would suit you best.

The short answer is: Yes, I can help.

However, I will never prioritise aesthetics over health. Generally, we are looking at people losing fat and retaining or increasing lean tissue (muscle). This adds up to a sustainable, healthy weight loss – no yo-yo dieting!

How long the process takes varies from person to person and how long you have been overweight in the first place and by how much – and also what your goals are.

I used to get excellent results with my own mix of nutritional teaching and coaching; now I have added RTT to the mix, it’s making the whole process easier and even more powerful.

The RTT is optional – however, it can speed things up and give a much fuller understanding of why you gained weight in the first place and why you’ve not been able to lose it/keep it off.

For me to work with you in the long term, you must be fully committed to the process.

However, if you’re not sure where you stand, we can do a ‘discovery’ RTT session to find out what your blocks to losing weight are. This can often get rid of powerful limiting beliefs and free you to decide what you’d like to do next, and we can take it from there.

With workshops you will usually do some hands-on practical and there tend to be fewer attendees.

In seminars you watch, listen and take notes; there is less interaction.

Depending on your requirements we do one or the other – or find a half-way mark.

That’s lovely of you – a testimonial would be much appreciated. The quickest and easiest way to send a written and/or audio testimonial is via this page.

Written, audio or video testimonials can also be sent by:

  • Email (jacqui@jacquicarrel.co.uk)
  • WeTransfer (use email or send link via WhatsApp)
  • WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7797 824 565

Frequently asked questions about RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an elegant and effective therapy that helps a huge range of mental, emotional and physical problems.

Transformation can occur in one to three sessions, saving many months of other therapies.

RTT is carried out under light hypnosis – more details in the FAQ below and on the RTT section of this website.


RTT can be done either in person or through Zoom or Skype. This method is very straightforward – and just as effective as being there in person.

Click here for more details.

Yes, RTT is safe.

To elaborate on some common questions:

I cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do! This means I will not be able to get you jumping around the room clucking like a chicken, nor will I be able to implant an idea that you should go out and buy me a Porche.

Equally, I cannot implant false memories.

If you are visiting a scene and there is something in it you don’t want to share, you don’t have to; just telling me what you are feeling is enough…. and if you don’t even want to share that, provided you remember it when we do the ‘daisy chaining’ to look at the beliefs you got then, that will be enough.

You will be reminded during hypnosis that you are reviewing, not reliving, any scenes which come up.

Hypnosis is a tool to help us reach your subconscious; it allows you to access your mind and memories and allows you to become more suggestible. In RTT, we can use it to access old memories and beliefs.

Hypnotherapy in RTT is where your therapist helps you look at crucial memories that shaped the limiting beliefs you have now and then replaces them with positive beliefs that allow you to overcome your problem and move on in your life.

RTT can help with:

  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears, anxieties and phobias
  • Health issues
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Sleep problems and snoring (and sleeping through snoring!)
  • Weight issues

… and more

If you’re not sure if RTT can help you, contact me for a free, no-obligation chat via email or phone, and I’ll let you know.

No, it can’t. However, RTT has a high success rate in many areas of concern.

RTT can wipe out many problems, alleviate others, and help deal with some conditions that can’t be cured.

If RTT is not something that would help you, I will let you know. A fruitless session or course is not something I want, either.

I will treat you if I think we can work together, and you are fully committed to the transformational recovery – just contact me to book a free, no-obligation discovery call.

You must be willing to approach RTT (with or without the additional coaching programme) with an open mind and to invest in yourself.

  • I won’t work with you if you’re not personally committed to the result – for example, if you come to me to help you give up smoking, but you’re only doing it because someone else wants you to.
  • If you have epilepsy, I would first need a doctor’s note that gives permission for RTT to go ahead.
  • I can’t treat people with narcissistic, schizophrenic or psychotic disorders. This is because those conditions are so complex and serious – I am not willing to risk an unforeseen conflict in symptoms or treatments. I will, however, be happy to refer you to trusted medical professionals who deal with such disorders.

Yes, the results are generally permanent. Instances where a blip or problem may come up include:

The person has not listened to their recording as prescribed (see below*).

The RTT has solved that problem but other apparently similar, but actually different, problems may have come to light as a result – it’s a bit like the layers of an onion.

Two or more sessions were needed (some issues are much more complex than others), but only one was carried out.

Losing a big problem can sometimes leave a person wondering what direction to take next – this is where follow up RTT sessions and/or coaching can help a great deal.

*Transformation will take place during the session. The effects can be immediate or show up over the next few days/weeks, or can be ‘retrospective’ (that is, one day, you look around and think, ‘Oh, I haven’t done/thought X for ages!’)

However, even if the problem has disappeared by the end of the session, new neural pathways must be laid down for the effect to last. For this to happen, you must listen to the audio recording I give you for at least once a day for 21 days – 28 days is better.

This depends on what we are resolving. Here are some examples:

One session needed

  • Smoking (Took up smoking in your teens because the others were doing it)
  • Drinking (Beginning to drink a bit more in a session or more days a week and it’s a habit you want to curtail/modify)
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of heights, spiders, mice, etc
  • Fear of public speaking (depending on the cause)
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Working out your life’s purpose/where to go next
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Money issues
  • Cravings
  • Over-eating/appetite control
  • ‘Simple’ addictions (for example, to chocolate or biscuits)

Two or more sessions needed

(All of these can sometimes be treated in one session, but expect 2-4):

  • Started smoking because of a deep-rooted issue such as trauma
  • Drinking feels like more of an addiction and was caused by a deep-rooted issue/belief
  • Drug addictions (the initial addiction may go in one session, but there will be a lot of other issues to deal with that will need follow-up
  • Phobias such as emetophobia (fear of vomiting/seeing people vomit), touching surfaces, etc.
  • OCD
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression

Whatever your problem, contact me for a no-obligation chat and we can take it from there.

In an RTT session you are taken back to three or four scenes under hypnosis. When you arrive at a scene, we have a conversation about what you are seeing and feeling. If there is anything you don’t want to share, you just say so.

I remind you that you are reviewing the scenes, not reliving them. Imagine yourself like a famous detective looking for clues as to why you ended up with the limiting belief(s) that you did.

The type of scenes and reactions vary from person to person: some are happy scenes, some are bitter-sweet, some are sad – they vary. Some people laugh, others don’t react much and some cry. Crying does not matter – in fact, it’s a good sign! It shows something is already shifting and is being released.

All clients are assured they/you can come out of hypnosis at any time: you let me know, and I bring you back gently. I have not yet had a client who wanted to, as they are so intrigued with their scenes.

Any more questions around this? Just contact me.

If, after speaking with me, you are concerned about hypnosis, I can take you through a short session where you go into hypnosis (it’s a nice feeling, like a daydream), visit a happy scene and come back out. You can also have a recording of it to practice with.

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