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Welcome to this page and these free recordings – no sign-up required. I will be adding more, so let me know if you have a particular subject or theme you’d like covered.

Just click the links – they will take you to DropBox folders; you can download the audios from there. Listen to them daily when you are sitting comfortably 🙂

NOTE: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening!
NOTE: If you have epilepsy or a psychotic illness you should not go into hypnosis. If you have one of these and continue with this recording, you are accepting full responsibility for taking part in the hypnosis and agreeing Jacqui Carrel holds no liability for any potential outcome.

Please note that these are general recordings; if you’d like a bespoke session looking at the root cause of your issue and a bespoke recording based on what we discover, please contact me.


I recommend you listen to this daily for at least a month sp the changes become permanent.

Stop snacking guided hypnosis (16 mins)


These are all in the same folder, so you can choose which best suits you. Make sure to read the brief accompanying notes first. I recommend you listen to this daily for at least a month so the changes become permanent.

Coronavirus help hypnosis recording (19 mins)
Guided recording to decrease anxiety (10 mins)
Guided recording – From Anxiety to Calm (20 mins)

If you know someone else who would benefit from this, please send them the link to this page 🙂


Guided recording – I am enough (17 mins)
This guided hypnosis is to help people who are being bullied or simply feel not enough. Listen to it once or twice daily.


a) I like to ‘give back’ when I can
b) I have benefitted so much myself from all this, that I’d like to share some of it
…so, if this will help you, then I am happy.

There are absolutely no strings attached to having these recordings; it would be lovely, however, if you would pass on the link to this page to anyone who might find the recording helpful.

No, not at all! You are in control the whole time, and can open your eyes at any point you wish.

This recording is designed to relax you and start seeding your brain/subconscious with positive thoughts and images.

(And as no point will it tell you to run around clucking like a chicken! 🙂 )

The brain likes what is familiar and for this to become embedded/familiar, you need to listen to them for at least 21 days… better yet, listen for a full month.

After that, you can stop, or carry on listening daily, or just catch up on occasion.

Try to hear it through at least once so you can repeat the words to yourself at other times, but if you fall asleep when you listen at other times, that doesn’t matter! Your subconscious will still hear the words.

But make sure you are sitting or lying down! Never do this while driving or operating machinery!

I do something called RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy. During a session:

1. We find blocks and beliefs that are causing your issue, take them away and install new, up-to-date, empowering beliefs. We do this together – you are in a light hypnotic trance and you are in control all the time.

2. At the end of the discovery and transformation party of an RTT session, I make you a bespoke recording, based on what has gone on in the session, to listen to for 21-30 days.

3. We then have two to more follow-up calls (Qs & As, coaching) as part of your package.

The recordings I am making available can’t be based on your exact individual needs (as we’ve not had a session together about your exact issue) but are based on a mix of what has often come up for previous clients.

This means, the longer RTT-based recording I have made for you isn’t based on a specific consultation and it is not tailor-made for you, an individual… however, it will still be very effective in calming anxieties and increasing your ‘immunity grit’.
Just make sure you listen to it every day for at least 21 days!

The shorter recordings are guided meditations rather than hypnotherapy and are still best listened to daily – and can also be dipped into whenever you want.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an elegant and effective therapy that helps a huge range of mental, emotional and physical problems. Transformation can occur in one to three sessions, saving many months of therapy.

During the session, you are taken into a light hypnotic state and we visit scenes all to do with the root cause of your issue. We talk throughout this part, and you are always in control.

Using information from an initial ‘discovery’ session and from what has been uncovered in the hypnosis part, I then make a bespoke hypnosis recording for you to keep; you listen to this daily for 21-30 days – and more if you want.

Part of your deal involves follow-up – click here for details of what you get from your package(s).

Some issues can be solved in one session/package, while others need two or three, spaced out at monthly intervals. (See FAQs here.)

RTT can be carried out face-to-face or online with equal effectiveness.
Because of my busy diary and tight scheduling, I don’t often offer face-to-face sessions now – and, while the coronavirus is around, it’s all online, mainly via Zoom.

Benefits of online consultations and sessions include:

– No risk of cross-infection (especially good while coronavirus covid-19 is around!)
– You are in the comfort of your own home
– It saves time
– You don’t have to be living in Jersey (my home)

Most of my clients now prefer to enrol in packages with me – the difference being there is more time for support or coaching after the RTT session.

Online sessions are done via Zoom (preferred), WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype. If you’re unfamiliar with how these work, I’ll send clear instructions.

Just contact me: fill in the contact form and let me know if you want me to email you or call you back.
Or book a free, no-obligation 20-minute Discovery Call. This sets us up automatically for a Zoom call. If you’d prefer me to phone you, add a note to that effect (and include your phone number).

When we talk:
– You let me know your issue/problem
– I’ll tell you if I can help you (and if I can’t, I’ll recommend someone else if I can)
– We decide whether we can work together; if we can, we’ll book a time and I’ll send a welcome message with the information you need.

Also, see these FAQs and testimonials.

Got questions about RTT?
See these FAQs and testimonials, or contact me.
I look forward to speaking with you.

Jacqui carrel
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