Renewable energy progress in Jersey: it’s good to see Deputy Carolyn Labey’s proposals are finally being listened to and supported.

Jacqui Carrel is pro renewable energy
Jacqui Carrel is pro renewable energy

While I understand and sympathise with some of the arguments against pushing for the use of renewables (such as the environmental and social cost of making them, and the local cost to JE when owners of solar panels switch back to grid in times of low sunshine), I am far more pro the whole idea.

The technology will develop to become better and cheaper and, importantly, we can start the move towards more sustainable living. Jersey has plenty of sunshine (well, OK, not this month!) and huge tidal ranges and we could be making a lot more use of them.
I’d like the opportunity not just to become involved in the promotion of sustainable/renewables area as a member of the public (where I know for sure my ideas are blocked by certain people), but as a member of the States.
Good! Renewables finally get on stage.