Nutritional Therapy

Become more energised and healthy (and look it, too!) one simple change at a time

Are your energy levels too low? Is your health poor? Do you have a weight problem?

All of that can be sorted surprisingly quickly. You just need to know what to do and have someone guide you through the process.

You have your own, unique, health questions and nutritional needs, so I don’t run ‘one size fits all’ programmes other than some general concepts and recommendations; the rest of our consultations are tailored to you.

Nutritional Therapy and RTT

My RTT sessions complement nutritional therapy to such an extent that, for many clients, I combine the two therapies.

These coaching packages get to the root of poor eating habits and recurring weight problems.

This way, complex issues can be resolved for good – no more yo-yo dieting, frustrating plateaus or inexplicable progress blocks.

What is the difference between a nutritional therapist, a nutritionist & a dietician?

Nutritional therapist

A nutritional therapist, which is what I am, creates individual programmes to increases people’s health and wellbeing; they do this through assessment and dietary recommendations, with supplements if and when necessary; lifestyle, health, weight goals and more are also taken into consideration.

There is no one size fits all! Treatments and recommendations from a nutritional therapist are based on you, an individual like no other.

Nutritional & health coaching

While I am happy to see you for one-off sessions, or a series of sessions, signing up for a coaching programme is much more effective for long term weight loss and inner and outer health.


A Nutritionist usually works in the food industry or in academia, often finding new ways to make new foods. They may sometimes offer dietary information to the public but may not be qualified to provide therapeutic diets.


A Dietician works primarily in the NHS, and mostly with patients with chronic or acute medical conditions. They can work in specialised health areas or with specific groups (such as people who have diabetes) in the community. Dieticians are regulated by the British Dietetic Association. I chose not to go down the dietician route: I do not agree with all they promote, nor do I wish to be tied down to what UK authorities say I must say or do – they have quite obviously failed on many levels with British health.

My qualifications

I have a number of appropriate qualifications:

  • Diplomas in:

– Nutrition: The Scientific Approach (BSY)
– Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition (BSY)
– Holistic Sports Nutrition (BSY)
– Nutritional Therapy (Health Sciences Academy)
– Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
– Thought Field Therapy (TFTdx) (Callahan)

  • Certificate in Child Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
  • 2.1 honours degree in science
  • PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) in science
  • Over 20 years’ teaching science, primarily biology, human biology and chemistry
  • Ongoing study and training

Over twenty years of teaching and tutoring children and adults (schools, colleges, Open University seminars and workshops) has given me the ability to question, listen, research and help.

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