Packages for businesses

My talks, workshops, seminars, group packages and one-to-ones vary, depending on the type of your business and your needs.

Here are some examples of what my RTT-coaching packages can be used to successfully address:

– Sales: fear of asking for the sale; fear of charging what you are worth; not working as a team member.

– Public performance: fear of speaking to a board meeting or at a presentation. (Can include public speaking skills also.)

– Morale: poor staff morale; unsettled staff; poor performance/profits; lots of days off sick.

Please contact me in the first instance to explore the idea further or with a specific request.

Packages for individuals – click here

– The ‘One Problem, Quickly Fixed’ Package
– ‘The Special 3’ Package

Packages for groups – click here

– For groups of indivuals with the same issue
– For community groups
– Suitable for some small businesses

Talks and workshops available too.

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