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The ‘One Problem, Quickly Fixed’ Package for groups

These sessions are suitable for groups of friends, community groups and small businesses. (For larger business/corporate, click here.)

People see me for a number of issues ranging from procrastination and anxiety to addictions, weight problems, imposter syndrome and specific fears (here’s a full list) and many of those can be worked on as a group.

Sometimes I run programmes that are open to all; there is a fixed price per person and are announced through this site’s Events page, my Facebook page and my mailing list.

If a group of you approach me, the investment to you individually depends on the size of the group. For example, the ‘One Problem, Quickly Fixed’ Package is great value at £349 for an individual; however, if four of you would like to work with me at once, the cost would be £275 each.

NOTE: Sometimes getting rid of one issue (eg, sugar addiction or anxiety) will solve another issue (eg, drinking too much or nail biting) at the same time, which is always rather nice!

What’s in the package?

Each monthly package for groups includes at least the following:

Discovery Call

Each member of the group will first fill in a Discovery Document.

Then we have a 20-30 minute call (over Zoom), and collectively decide the wording of the issue(s), and discuss what you want instead.

The word ‘problem’ denotes the issue you are seeing me for, such as can’t lose weight, anxiety, fear of heights, addiction, arthritis, etc – more here).

Bespoke Rapid Transformation session (2-3 hours)

During this session (online via Zoom), you are taken, as a group, into a special and targeted, hypnosis where we investigate the root cause(s) of your problem.

Once we have established that and seen the beliefs you formed at that time, we take away those limiting beliefs and replace them with much better ones that will serve you well.

This part of the session is not recorded.

Please note that this is a tailored group session and therefore not bespoke; if you would like an additional one-to-one follow-up session with me, I will give you a special rate.

Bespoke transformational recording

As a group, you will listen this at the end of the RTT session; this will be recorded as an audio file and sent to you; it is yours to have and keep.

You will need to listen to the recording at least once a day for 21-30 days so that your transformation becomes permanent. (Of course, you can listen to it at any other point too.)


We will have agreed on either a Facebook page or WhatsApp group and the follow-ups will take place through that.

Follow-up #1
I will follow up with you 1-2 days after the RTT session and again after a week.

Follow-up #2
I’ll contact you a week after the RTT session to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions you may have.

Follow-up #3 ~ Coaching call
After three weeks, we will have a coaching call, reviewing how far you have travelled and the exciting options open to you now you no longer have the problem. This will be done via Zoom and, if all are in agreement, I will record this for you as a video or audio.

Follow-up #4
A month after our RTT session, I’ll contact you individually to see how you all are and if you’d like to carry on working with me or bid adieu – the choice is always yours.

Click here for packages for individuals

Click here for business and corporate packages

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