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I currently offer:
– The PQF Package
– Post-Package coaching

In brief, the PQF Package comprises:
– 30-minute pre-session call
– RTT session (and possibly TFT)
– Bespoke Transformation recording
– 30-minute post-transformation call
– 60-minute coaching call (options available)
– Access to my resources which help you make even more changes

Read on for details.

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The ‘Problem Quickly Fixed’ (PQF) Package

Choose this if you have one burning issue you would like to be free of – scroll down to see what the package includes. You must be 10/10 committed to wanting to solve your problem.

People see me for a number of issues ranging from fears, procrastination and anxiety to addictions, weight problems and depression – here’s a full list.

NOTE: Sometimes getting rid of one issue (eg, sugar addiction or anxiety) will solve another issue (eg, drinking too much or nail biting) at the same time, which is always rather nice!

What’s in the packages?

Each package for individuals includes at least the following:

Intake form

You will fill in an intake form; the information given in that will help me prepare for our First Call.

First Call

In this 20-30 minute call (over the phone, WhatsApp or Zoom), we pinpoint the problem bothering you and discuss what you want instead. You can book the call here.

The word ‘problem’ denotes the issue you are seeing me for, such as can’t lose weight, anxiety, fear of heights, addiction, arthritis, etc – more here.

Bespoke Rapid Transformation session (2-3 hours)

During this Zoom session, we will do RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and, depending on the issue, maybe TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

TFT can quickly wipe negative feelings. RTT investigates the root cause(s) of your problem through a special form of hypnosis that is an integral part of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Once we have established the root cause(s) and seen the beliefs you formed at that time, we take away those limiting beliefs.

Bespoke transformational recording

In the Transformation part, we replace the limiting beliefs with new, powerful beliefs that will serve you well. This part of the session is tailored to your individual needs and is recorded for you.

You must listen to the recording at least once a day for 21-30 days so that your transformation becomes permanent. (Of course, you can listen to it at any other point too.)


Follow-up #1
I will follow up with you with a quick check-in after 1-2 days. You can choose between a phone call, WhatsApp, or email.

Follow-up #2
We have a call about a week after your RTT session to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions you may have. You can choose between a phone call, WhatsApp or email. You can book your call here.

Follow-up #3 ~ Coaching call
Three weeks after the RTT, we will have a coaching call, reviewing how far you have travelled and what you’ll do next.

You can also use this call for me to outline the specially-made help materials that I’ll give you access to. These materials include conscious-thinking strategies that will build on the subconscious gains you’ve made. If you wish, I can show you how to do basic TFT on yourself.

Usually, these calls are done via Zoom so I can record it for you and send it to you if you’d like. You can book your call here.

Follow-up #4
A month after our last RTT session, I’ll contact you to see how you are and if you’d like to carry on working with me (see ‘extra coaching option’ below) or bid adieu – the choice is always yours. Booking form.

Extra coaching option

Generally, people choose 1-6 extra coaching sessions, sometimes with another RTT session included. We can plan this from the very start or you can opt to add this once when you get to followup call 3 or 4. Booking form.

Your investment

The ‘One Problem, Quickly Fixed’ Package: £1,197

Once your payment has gone through, I will be in touch shortly afterwards.

Extra coaching – this will depend on how much extra coaching and/or RTT we are doing, so I will give you a no-obligation quote at the time.

Click here to view testimonials from just some of my delighted clients!

Other packages

Business BlockBuster Programme – especially for the self-employed and business owners who aren’t getting the sales and profits they know they should be.

Packages for groups – click for details

Businesses/corporate packages – click for details

Booking your calls

To book a session, either click on the appropriate link or use the embedded form below.

Discovery/Enquiry Calls

Either use the embedded form below or click here to book your FREE Discovery Call.

Package Bookings for Individuals

Either use the embedded form below or click here to book your:

  • Pre-transformation Call (30 minutes)
  • Transformational Session (Typically 2 hours, but allow up to 3)
  • Post-Transformation Follow-up Call (30 minutes)
  • Post-Transformation Coaching Session (60 minutes)

The link will take you to a secure booking ‘ScheduleOnce’ form.

Click here to view testimonials from just some of my delighted clients!

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