Online RTT Sessions

Many of my clients receive their RTT sessions and coaching remotely, via Skype or Zoom.

You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Just make sure:

  • Your device is fully charged or plugged in
  • I can see you from chest height
  • You are not holding the device (balance it on a pillow or prop it up)
  • You are sitting comfortably
  • If the session is taking place as it gets dark, you have a light on so I can see you

I’m new to Zoom – how do I use it?

If we are using Zoom (preferred), I will send you a Zoom invite, which includes a reminder of the date and time and a link to the session.

Not used it before? Here’s how to use Zoom – note that I will set the meeting up, so your audio and video are automatically on.

The Zoom web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here.

Using Skype

I find Zoom’s software to be more reliable but am happy to work via Skype. You can find out about installing and using it here.

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