Are the results of RTT permanent, or would I need maintenance sessions?

Yes, the results are generally permanent. Instances where a blip or problem may come up include:

Because the person has not listened to their recording for at least 21 days (see below*)

  • The RTT has solved that problem but other apparently similar, but actually different, problems may have come to light as a result – it’s a bit like the layers of an onion
  • Two or more sessions were needed (some issues are much more complex than others), but only one was carried out
  • Losing a big problem can sometimes leave a person wondering what direction to take next – this is where follow up RTT sessions and/or coaching can help a great deal

*Transformation will take place during this session. The effects can be immediate, or show up over the next few days/weeks, or can be ‘retrospective’ (that is, one day, you look around and think, ‘Oh, I haven’t done/thought X for ages!’)

However, even if the problem has disappeared by the end of the session, new neural pathways must be laid down for the effect to last. For this to happen, you must listen to the audio recording I give you for at least once a day for 21 days – 28 days is better.

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