This evening, I’m just back from giving a talk to the St Peter’s & St Aubin’s W.I. The subject was sea lettuce – I had my doubts, but that is what was asked for!

Sea lettuce info sheet - Jacqui Carrel - SOS Jersey
Sea lettuce info sheet – Jacqui Carrel

Anyway, they made me very welcome, and it was great fun. The talk went well and the ladies laughed in the right places, asked interesting questions and made some pithy comments about government.

As I left to go to the car, I was recognised (from my pic in yesterday’s JEP, so I wasn’t sure whether to be worried or not, as it was not a flattering one!), so stopped to answer some questions about my thoughts/policies. It was good to talk, and also to practice expressing my ideas in succinct nuggets.

Click here to view/download Sea lettuce, soils and more – A4 information page – Jacqui Carrel – SOS Jersey – January 2018.

W.I. presentation on sea lettuce goes well
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