Jacqui Carrel

About YOU

What’s hurting you?

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, worry, anger or any other negative emotions? In the short term, these are natural emotions – but when they won’t go, they cause damage.

Do you feel you have a life purpose but you can’t find out what it is?

Do you have an addiction? (To sugar, tobacco, alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc)

Do you find yourself procrastinating or self-sabotaging?

Whatever your issue, you can get trapped in thought or behaviour patterns that won’t shift. People telling you to ‘snap out of it’ or ‘think positive thoughts’ can be well-meant but are frustratingly unhelpful because you can’t snap out of it and ‘positive thinking’ doesn’t get to the root cause of an issue and you continue to suffer.

This is where I come in – and sessions are carried out online, so it doesn’t matter where you live!

Why come to Jacqui Carrel?

The causes of emotional (and many physical) problems come from blocks that have been set up in your subconscious, which was trying to help you.

At the time, your reaction may have been helpful, but now it’s not.

My medication-free therapy helps you quickly find and remove these blocks.

Where do blocks occur?

Blocks can affect your emotional, physical and work-life health. They can show up in:

  • Your day-to-day life as anxiety, fears, phobias, dysmorphias, depression, poor relationships, addictions and more
  • Your work-life as ‘imposter syndrome’, cash flow, being visible and more

I remove these blocks and their associated negative feelings.

About YOU

You are at a stage in your life where you:

  • Are fed up with feeling ‘down’/anxious/angry/depressed/guilty/sad
  • Know you have blocks (even if you can’t identify them)
  • Want to remove these blocks and move on with your life
  • Are committed to a period of self-development
  • Are open to using my help to help get you where you want to be
  • Are willing to invest in yourself

Then contact me or book a no-obligation, FREE Discovery Call and we’ll take it from there.

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