Currently doing


Environment: Save Our Shoreline Jersey (SOSJ). With respect to commenting on SOSJ and other environmental issues, and with my environmental science hat on, I make occasional, but regular, appearances on Radio Jersey, BBC TV (Channel Islands), Channel 103, Channel News and in the Jersey Evening Post and occasional UK newspapers. TV appearances always seem to coincide with windy or wet conditions!



I’m a qualified nutritionist, with distinctions throughout, and nutritional writer. Clients tend to be those who want to shift some weight and gain energy. I’m currently studying for an additional diploma on eating disorders.


Opinion Column in the JEP: Now I’ve declared I am going to run for election, the Jersey Evening Post rules mean I cannot write a column for them any longer. It’s a shame, as I’ve enjoyed writing my pieces on nutrition (and the surrounding issues) for them, but you can read the ones I did here – they are all still relevant now.

Books: I’m currently writing a book on weight loss and energy gain (details later), which will be released on Kindle in the first instance. I have ghost-written a number of books and ebooks, and have some Kindle ones in my name. (If you have a look, be aware they all need updating to 2nd editions.)

Courses: I’ve written a number of courses for others and some that I’ve run myself.  Currently, I’m preparing a Parent Champions course (see Brighter Futures above), but have also presented them on aspects of SEO (getting seen online, in essence) and writing (many aspects).


Parents with young children

Brighter Futures: I worked until May 2018 with Brighter Futures to produce and run Jersey’s first Parent Champions group.


Jersey Dairy: I worked until May 2018 at Jersey Dairy with my marketing hat on, but also on a nutritional basis.

Marketing & workshops

I co-owned and ran Cinnamon Edge, a writing, workshop, website and marketing company. In fact, this is still going, but I am so busy, we only take on a few, select projects.


I was a teacher and lecturer for over 20 years, mainly teaching science (with biology up to year one O.U.), but also English, psychology, ICT and various subjects within the Special Needs remit. I worked in many places, including JCG.


Photography: see some examples here.

Singing (not professionally!) – I currently sing with the Hot Bananas for fun singing group.