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Bespoke hypno recordings

Bespoke hypno recordings

Do you want to make changes yet somehow keep sabotaging your own efforts? Do you use phrases like, ‘I’ll start again on Monday’, ‘As soon as I lose concentration, I just do it again!’ and ‘I know it’s bad for me but I just keep doing it and I just don’t know why!’

Do you want to make changes but don’t have time for a BBT session or RTT package?

Have you looked online and found plenty of recordings out there – but felt that they are too generic for your needs?

If that’s the case, a bespoke hypno recording made especially for you by master hypnotherapist Jacqui Carrel may be just what you need!

What are bespoke hypno recordings?

‘Hypno recordings’ is short for ‘hypnotherapy recordings’. The recordings are designed to take you into a light hypnotic state (a bit like being in a nice daydream).

The words in your recording will reach your subconscious and start affecting how you think, feel and act in a positive way.

Bespoke means the recordings are one-offs that are made especially for you.

How do I let you know what changes I want?

You simply fill in your details and make your payment in this step-by-step form. I receive your request, make your special recording and send it to you in MP3 format. It’s then yours to keep and use whenever you want.

In the form, you’ll be guided to show where you are and what you don’t want – and then what you do want! Your recording will contain only the things you do want.

How often do I need to listen to my bespoke hypno recording?

Changes can happen immediately but, as with all new things, they need to be repeated to become ‘hard-wired into the brain. It’s best to listen to your recording once or twice a day for at least 28-33 days.

Where do blocks occur?

Blocks can appear around:
– Mental health: anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, poor relationships
– Physical health: yo-yo weight loss and gain, fatigue, chronic conditions, muscle pain, diabetes*
– Business: ‘imposter syndrome’, cash flow, being visible
These blocks can be removed with BlockBuster Therapy.

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