Give a Gift

Give a Gift

What are you wishing for right now? Christmas apparel, cards and gifts are already appearing in the shops and we’ve only just started autumn! I tend to avoid such stores until December, so why am I bringing this up? It’s about now that many people start wanting to slim in time to wear their Christmas outfit, and I’ve had a few people mention recently they want to lose a couple of inches around their waist so they can do just that.

Of course, fat loss/health gain is something that can happen all year round, but it certainly helps to have goals like that.

What do yo
What do YOU want for your body?

What’s your wish?

Thinking about your body in the months ahead, what’s your wish? For instance…

Do you want to shed fat and fatigue?

The question is, do or someone you know want to lose some weight in the three months leading up to Christmas and, if you do, would you like to lose it without going hungry? And how about gaining energy and losing the mid-afternoon slump while you’re at it?

Make a gift to your or yours

You can decide you want to feel better and we can take it from there. I can help you lose that weight safely and effectively – and, although there are some general nutritional concepts that we can all benefit from, there’s no one approach that suits all, so you’ll get a tailored approach. You’ll find your energy levels improve too.

What better gift, then, to start to feel great? You can come and see me or we can speak over Skype.

Gift vouchers are available too!

Feel Fab Nutrition's business card
Feel Fab Nutrition’s business card


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