Here are a just a few of the things I’ve written over the past few years; these links open in new tabs/windows to take you the relevant sites.

The Real Sea Lettuce Conference 2017 - Report by Jacqui Carr
Report by Jacqui Carrel

A report about sea lettuce and its causes, including our damaged soils

Report: The Nitrate Problem in Jersey and its Consequences

Articles: Some of my nutrition opinion pieces for the Jersey Evening Post. I have also have many articles printed in magazines.

Competitor Analysis – this is one of my Kindle books that are written under my name; it’s several years old now, but still sells well. I have several: some are under my name, and some I have ghost-written.

They Are What You Feed Them – this is one of the books I have ghost-written; I was chosen for this as I have enough understanding to put this scientist’s papers into readable and understandable prose.

I’m currently writing a book for those looking to lose weight and gain health and energy. Depending on the outcome of the election will depend on how soon it is finished and published!