Added sugar has no place in cream cheese!

Always being one to at least consider an apparent bargain, I stopped by the cooler where Philadelphia cream cheese was being sold in a ‘two for one’ offer. Sadly, the full-fat variety was not included in the offer, but I checked out the medium fat one just in case. I was shocked!

Sweets. Fix or treat?

We’ve just gone past the ‘trick or treat’ All Hallows’ Eve. That and Clive Pearce’s comment on this post got me thinking about ‘sweets’ and ‘sweeties’: are they the treat they once were, or a ubiquitous nuisance?

Why eating carbs is a BAD idea for diabetics

Do you have diabetes? Search the internet, including many health sites (even the NHS’s) and you’ll see them advising carbohydrate-based meals for you. This is the worst possible thing you can do for your condition, even if you eat the oft-touted ‘healthy whole grains’. Why? 

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