From procrastination to motivation!

From procrastination to motivation!

I felt very curious about Jacqui Carrel’s BBT-INSTANT method and asked to work on my block that had so far held me back from being able to live a successful and fulfilled life: my issue with procrastination. This has been a major issue in developing and successfully running my own business as well as sabotaging important projects in the past and I wanted to sort these two things for once and for all.

Well, the session promised to be successful and brief and boy did it fulfill both of these promises! To my complete surprise, it took Jacqui less than 10 minutes to locate the block and remove it for good.

Initially I felt completely perplexed with a sense of relief. It took me a couple of days to integrate the changes and ever since then I’ve been feeling this beautiful urge to achieve things daily. I wake up feeling motivated and actually get stuff done – no excuse can stop me anymore.

I am literally baffled and extremely impressed.

Thank you Jacqui for changing my life. This is a big leap for me that I’ve tried to achieve with various methods before and they had all failed. I feel beyond grateful.

Miriam, Birmingham, UK