I felt a huge weight had been removed from my mind

Jacqui introduced me to her Business BlockBuster course which was of great interest to me as I was aware of areas in my business that were causing me issues. Through that I became aware of her BlockBuster Therapy and decided to have a session.

It was a very surreal experience. I was aware of myself watching on as my mind retreated to an inner depth and confronted some deep seated issues – in my case – put there by someone else . With a little difficulty I was able to break down these barriers and replace with a positive and relevant image .

At the end of the session I felt a huge weight had been removed from my mind . I felt a strong positivity and a calmness.

In the days following my session I have moved forward with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear focus .

I would strongly recommend a session with Jacqui if you need help to move forward , combat your fears / emotions in specific areas of your life . She is highly professional in her approach , will treat you with respect and guide you through the process in a calm , confident manner that encourages you to fully embrace the process and thus gain fully from it .

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