I was blown away … and feel absolutely brilliant!

I was blown away … and feel absolutely brilliant!

I was in a place of great frustration due to long-standing procrastination with exercise. My self-esteem and drive were diminishing and I was seeking to understand why and, consequently change my mindset

I was blown away by how I came to understand the root causes of my ‘lethargy’.

Jacqui facilitated some amazing insights I got about myself – Some of these discoveries were from places I never expected but she did an amazing job helping me understand how my past has lead me to where I was until recently.

I was so relaxed because Jacqui earned my trust very quickly by being thorough in her understanding of what I wanted and how the session would roll out

After feeling so much more empowered from the insights I got from our session, Jacqui made a fantastic recording which I’ve listened to every night for the last month (on her instruction!).

Less than a week following our session I almost effortlessly reengaged with exercise and feel great about myself, as well as losing an inch off my waist and picking up my dumbbells again!

You need to speak to Jacqui directly to understand what a calming and confident therapist she is.

I committed to working with her as she neither under or over promised on what her skills could do for me. She clarified all my questions before we started and managed my expectations really well.

I feel absolutely brilliant and quite proud of my self now as these habits feel permanent.

My huge thanks to Jacqui for all she did for me including our follow up calls.