It was like the brakes had been released

It was like the brakes had been released

This testimonial isn’t directly about me, but the experience my partner had with Jacqui’s RTT certainly had an impact.

My partner is by nature quite cautious about things she doesn’t understand, so when I mentioned RTT to her, she was a bit sceptical.

But having tried so many other different things over the past few years, she felt like she had nothing to lose.

And we’re both so glad that she did!

After only one session, the transformation was absolutely mind blowing. I have never seen such a shift in mindset and belief happen so quickly.

For what had been various roadblocks for years, it was like the brakes had been released.

I’ll be honest, I too didn’t think it would work so quickly, but things changed literally overnight!

As part of the support offered by Jacqui, my partner listens to recordings on a daily basis which Jacqui makes for her. This keeps her topped up and on the right path.

It’s quite phenomenal to see how powerful RTT is, and the potential is so big for so many people.

Truly disruptive in all the right ways!

Keep up the great work Jacqui.