Jacqui, you are the best

Jacqui, you are the best

I am a Mum of a 15 month old toddler and have therefore little time to have any therapy sessions or coaching. Having heard of Jacqui Carrel’s BBT INSTANT sessions* and having read her reviews, I decided to book myself in for one to see if she could help me with my unhealthy dynamics in my relationship.

Jacqui has a calming, reassuring approach. She guided me by asking just the right questions. Soon I found out that my block was a lack of self worth and I asked to work on that. Following that break-through, Jacqui was able to work on my block straight away and I immediately felt a shift.

3 days later I have now noticed that I am making healthier choices for myself.

Today I returned something to the shop that I now realise was an impulse buy and I have come to a great learning that in the past years I have created a considerable amount of personal debt due to various unhealthy financial decisions based on impulse buys and people pleasing because I didn’t feel enough.

The penny dropped and though it was a very hard truth to admit to myself, thanks to Jacqui I now no longer feel the need for such addictive behaviours.

Jacqui, you are the best.

[*Usually for a BBT-INSTANT session, the block someone wants to work on is decided on and sent in advance, thus making the session very short; in this case, the client wanted to work it out during the session.]