Jacqui, you are my go to Therapist

Jacqui, you are my go to Therapist

I went to Jacqui after I was triggered by a person I came into contact with, this person has no blame attached to them. What was triggered was overwhelming feelings of Insecurity, feeling threatened, intimidated, not as good as this person, the feelings were so powerful that I couldn’t continue with the meeting.

It is a feeling that is familiar, and I have experienced it many times in the past and knew I didn’t want to continue to have this reaction.

So I asked Jacqui for help, I have been to her before for an unrelated issue and she helped me so much I knew she could help me with this.

We looked in detail at what had happened and what my reactions were at the time and then looked in detail at where these feelings originally came from because they didn’t just start like that somewhere in my life I made a connection between these types of people and those feelings.

Jacqui guided me through some difficult memories and feelings, with compassion, skill and empathy.

I felt safe and in control whilst exploring my subconscious for the root of this issue, together we found it!  So I was able to see that I have no need to be triggered by those people because the belief it is attached to is old and outdated.

Jacqui supported me through her recording and coaching calls to get rid of this belief and I was able to interact with that same person and feel good about myself and them.

Many thanks Jacqui you are my go to Therapist should I need any further help