She has a really great intuitive skill

She has a really great intuitive skill

Raymond - testimonial for Jacqui Carrel - BlockBuster TherapyI approached Jacqui Carrel because I wanted to get some help remembering things as I feel like I really struggle to. I am dyspraxic and dyslexic and find myself getting angry and agitated over the thought of trying to remember.

During the session, I felt the feelings above arise as they always do and I felt it in my head.

As the session progressed I seemed more calm and more relaxed. The negative associations had died down.

[I am also experiencing theses benefits]: I feel quietly assured to just take things in and remember. I feel at ease with the thought that I will remember things if reading.

[Would you recommend Jacqui Carrel?]: Absolutely I would.  She is Very intuitive, makes you feel relaxed with her experience, knowledge and gentle demeanour.

I think she has a really great intuitive skill here that I would like to see her for other things in the future.