The mind shift was immediate

The mind shift was immediate

I reached out to Jacqui as I had seen that she had her new technique called BlockBuster and just felt drawn to try this as I had returned to study as a mature age student but now with children with many thoughts of ‘What the heck am I doing?’ Which was crossing my mind more than one.

Jacqui’s caring and encouraging nature allowed me to go into a deep trance more easier than I thought I would with me visualising the ‘reasons’ for these blocks very clearly.

The language change and the mind shift was immediate and completely clearing these blocks has cascaded into other areas on my life since.

I’m so thankful that I found Jacqui at this time to help me before it may have been too late and I had given up on my studies.

Something that seems so simple and that I ‘knew’ what to do or what I needed but the experience and passion of Jacqui guiding me on a sub-conscious level was NEXT level.

Thanks you so much Jacqui x