The problem disappeared in just one session

The problem disappeared in just one session

I went to Jacqui for help with migraines which I knew were being caused by emotional stress, I had been having them everyday for a week which was severely affecting me progressing with vital marketing for my business.

I wasn’t consciously aware of what was the probable cause of the emotional stress but after a discussion with Jacqui in one of her business groups, it clicked that the migraines coincided with the start of me attending online networking groups to promote my business.

As I wasn’t consciously aware of what the block was around networking, Jacqui had to do some great detective work to find out what the blocks were that were causing the emotional stress and the migraines, once we had found them it was just a case of Jacqui using powerful techniques to clear them and that was the amazing part!

It was so amazing that when Jacqui asked me a week or so later how I was feeling, I couldn’t even remember what the problem was because I didn’t have it anymore, she even had to remind me.

This magnified the results for me and my gratitude to Jacqui for her skills and compassion