To experience this therapy first hand was a revelation

I approached Jacqui because I had some issues whose origins I was unclear about and she explained that the therapy didn’t require me to be specific with her about this, and neither did I have to share anything I didn’t want to.

With the starting point of the therapy being based on what emotions I was feeling, I was able to be open and honest.

Even the ‘slower’ BBT-CLASSIC process was remarkably quick and straightforward, and by the end of it I found it difficult to imagine the weight I had been feeling around the problem and I felt I could now overcome it with confidence and ease.

It also helped me address some possibly related issues over the next few days – with the way the process works I was able to revisit old events and issues with new eyes and new ‘tools’.

I think of myself as a rational sceptic, so to experience this therapy first hand was a revelation. I would urge anyone who feels they could possibly benefit from Jacqui’s help to contact her, because she almost certainly can help you, too.

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