Largest ever seizures of fake food and drink

Largest ever seizures of fake food and drink

Appalling! In the UK, authorities recovered nearly 10,000 litres of fake or adulterated alcohol including wine, whisky and vodka. Maybe you think that’s not so bad, but what about the food side of things across the world? These include:

sardines-825606_960_720-PIXABAYGreece and Burundi: Counterfeit alcohol

India: Export of illegal beef and buffalo meat unfit for human consumption which was going to be sold

Belgium: Monkey meat (illegal)

South Korea: Supplements sold with harmful ingredients

Australia: Blended or adulterated honey

Australia: Peanuts repackaged and re-labelled as pine nuts (a big threat to allergy sufferers)

Indonesia: Chicken intestines preserved in formalin (prohibited as a food additive)

Malaysia: More than 310,000 illegal food products

Bolivia: Thousands of cans of sardines, with fake labels of a famous Peruvian brand ready to be stuck on.

Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, and Romania: Counterfeit chocolates, sweets and non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Togo: Imported tilapia which was found to be unfit for human consumption

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