Why you should cut grains out of your diet

Why you should cut grains out of your diet

I’ll keep this short because I’m writing some course materials and books that cover this in more detail. However, in brief, this is what grains do to you and how you will benefit from cutting grains our of your diet.

When you incorporate grains in your diet

Grains and grain products are ubiquitous – they are everywhere you look, and not just in foods! We are told to eat ‘healthy wholegrains’ but, while wholegrains are better in several respects than their stripped down, white versions, this does not mean they are healthy! They are just a little less worse for your health than their white counterparts.

Bread - NOT good for you! Feel Fab Nutrition
Bread – NOT good for you!

Grains (the seeds of some grasses) are not meant to be eaten by humans – we don’t have the gut to cope with them. Wheat, barley, oats, rice, etc, all cause a number of problems, even if you do not have coeliac disease and think you are ‘fine with grains’.

These problems include inflammation (gut lining and skin), swelling, pain, brain fog, weight gain, cellulite, a decreased level of good bacteria in your gut, lethargy, brain fog, acid reflux, poor thyroid function, nutritional deficiencies (yes!), puffiness, seborrhoea, a greater likelihood of developing intolerances to other things and dementia, and so much more.

The good news is, giving up grains leaves you not only with lots of lovely food to eat, but also leaves you with less fat and more energy. Let’s look at some of the benefits now.

When you remove grains from your diet

Studies show these amazing benefits – the great thing is, you can see many of these things happening within a few days of grain elimination!

Alleviation from inflammatory problems like rheumatoid arthritis and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Better attention span and able to mentally focus longer

Clearer skin, with rashes and eczema, etc, clearing up

Decrease in blood sugar

Decrease in blood pressure to more healthy levels

Fat loss, especially of the harmful belly fat

Reversal in pain, redness, swelling, seborrhoea, oedema, etc

Reversal (or at least not worsening) of neurological conditions such as cerebellar ataxia, peripheral neuropathy and some forms of seizures

Stop in heart burn, acid reflux/GERD

… and more!

What’s not to like? Even better, after an initial ‘withdrawal’ period, you stop missing grains and really start enjoying real food.

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