RTT for weight loss

RTT for weight loss

The reason so many people struggle with weight is that we look at it in the wrong way and ignore the effects the mind can have on the body. If you:

  • Have been losing weight and are suddenly stuck
  • Are just unable to shift any weight
  • Keep losing weight and then putting it back on

…then the chances are you have some deep-rooted, subconscious beliefs (often picked up in childhood) that are sabotaging your conscious efforts. The beauty of RTT is that it enables us to find these root causes and beliefs and to repleace them with better beliefs that serve today’s needs.

With RTT and optional coaching (recommended, but not essential), plus access to actual facts about diet and health, you too can get to the weight you wish.

Of course, it may not be weight per se that you want sorted. It could be, for example:

  • Adding new, healthy foods to the diet – and liking them!
  • Gaining weight
  • Getting a new body shape/composition
  • Increasing gut health
  • Overcoming bingeing or bulimia
  • Reversing insulin resistance and diabetes
  • …and more

…and these can all be helped/overcome with RTT and coaching.

In this short video, Marisa Peer, who was named best British therapist, shares how we can change our relationship with food forever to effortlessly maintain our perfect weight. 

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