17g of sugar I didn’t want

17g of sugar I didn’t want

As a nutritionist I rarely buy processed foods but had misjudged today and was hungry, so ordered a porridge pot to eat while I was having a coffee at Costa coffe shop.  Well, what can I say?!

The very FIRST thing I tasted was sugar: the whole thing was really quite revolting.

Luckily I had some coffee with which to wash it down. (Whether or not coffee is good, bad or indifferent for one is the topic for another day.)

There is 17g of sugar in the pot – 1g of sugar is about 1 teaspoonful.. so there were over four teaspoonsful of sugar in just that one serving! Horrendous. And that was before adding any of the jam that is offered by staff to go with it…

Costa porridge - really quite revolting with 17g of sugar in it - Feel Fab Nutrition
Really quite revolting!

Not only did it taste horrible, it is most unhealthy: we get the sugar hit AND, because the oats in this product are quite processed, another lot of sugar quite quickly hits one’s bloodstream (oats digest into glucose).

Now, I can cope with the choice of whether to eat oats or not, but why did I have the choice of whether to add sucrose 9table/added sugar) taken away from me? It is half an hour later and I still have the remains of the horrible taste in my mouth.

All the Costa foods are pretty unhealthy (tasty in the main, but not healthy): could Costa’s not spend some of the corporate tax they are not paying on improving the nutritional profile of what they sell, and on education?

I have sent the above comments to Costa’s – it will be interesting to see what they reply.

You might like to see this: https://www.cochrane.org/sites/default/files/public/uploads/news/sugar_reduction_the_evidence_for_action.pdf


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