Peanut butter ~ not always so simple!

Here are three types of peanut butter I found in our kitchen (more than one of us does the shopping); this small sample shows how you need to read labels.

 The Waitrose one contains palm oil. Why? It didn’t used to. We don’t need it. The ‘jar’ is plastic.
See what palm oil industry is doing here. See what plastics can do here.
The ‘super snack’ one contains soya beans – why?! It has an awful greasy mouth feel, a strange taste, and it gave me heart burn. The ‘jar’ is plastic. This came from Iceland. Find out what soya can do here and here.
Some brands, like SunPat, also add sugar – you don’t need it and it is just another ndge to poor health.
The Meridian one is made from 100% peanut, skins included. It tastes lovely. The jar is glass. It is also the cheapest one, so probably worth buying rather than making your own. This was in Waitrose.
The bottom line is, take care when you are buying any packaged/jarred food – read the labels!
Of course, there are other nut and seed butters out there: more expensive, but just so delicious: almond, cashew, pumpkin seed, sunflower, walnut and pistachio – Mmmm!
You can soya butter (like peanut butter rather than dairy butter), but I really do not recommend it – see the links above for why.
Waitrose peanut butter - contains palm oil
Waitrose peanut butter – contains palm oil
'Super' peanut butter - contains soya beans
‘Super’ peanut butter – contains soya beans
Meridian peanut butter - 100% peanuts
Meridian peanut butter – 100% peanuts
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